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Ok, I got it
hextion.zapto.org is ftw and you know it... join today and get a free item (any but rares like a phat ect.) of your choise!!!
This is Hextion home page at the moment.
We make a better one soon.
To join go to moparscape.org
Then to serverstatus and find hextion and we recommand to download client.
Thx   & please if you join we could always need more players.
Click here to get to the download client page!

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ok guys so yeah this is our site you can download the client from the link above =], leave a message in the chatbox for any questions, mod aplications, ect.
Hextion Pages and Clients
K O D A (Owner)
Pooldad (Co-Owner)
Poolfreak (Mod)
No1s Perfect (Site-Maker/Owner)

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